Jones Bridge Dental Care in Alpharetta, GA

Stone Mountain, Georgia 0 comments

Although the office is immaculate clean; the service is mediocre.Please DO NOT TAKE CHILDREN THERE.The X-rays were taken and abscess (infection) was discovered.

At that point, since the gum was inf lammed I just wanted to go home and give my kid an antibiotic. Dr. Leo and Dr. Nasseh persisted in extracting the tooth but had to stop after 3 anesthesia because my child would not allow them to proceed due to pain.

Dr. Leo tried persuade my kid to continue with the extraction. He didn't trust him so he called my kid a liar. Needless to say, we went there with a minor problem but now we have to deal with an swollen cheek.

For now, am using an antibiotic to cure the infection. Unfortunately we have to go to a pediatric dentist in a week.

Hopefully they are better than the GREEDY and INCOMPETENT doctors in that office.Do NOT LET THEM ENTICE YOU THERE WITH A COUPON.

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